Antila Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

A warehouse provides a central location for receiving, storing and distributing products. As each inbound shipment arrives, responsibility for the goods transfers to warehouse personnel, products are identified, sorted and dispatched to their temporary storage location. Storage isn’t a static “thing” but rather a process that includes security measures and maintaining an environment that preserves the integrity and usefulness of the items.
Antila Wellness has a warehouse which includes:
  • Temperature controlled storage
  • General store
  • Packing material storage
  • Finished goods storage
  • Raw material storage
Antila Wellness has a greate warehouse management system. Following are the glimpse of our extensive warehouse facility:
  • Separate sampling booth for miners & bulk materials.
  • Raw Material store area segregated as per temperature requirement.
  • The entire store is maintained as per GMP requirement.
  • Inventory is kept as per locater system.
  • Two lifts for material movement with support of additional two conveyors for dispensing/unloading.
  • Educated and trained staff.
  • System control for expired and advance pre alert for near to expiry material.
  • One click warehouse report generation.