Antila Wellness Pvt. Ltd.


Antila Wellness’s develops products with latest technology and formulations. We have specialized research team who only focus on new formulation, product designing and analytical development.
Every year, Antila Wellness typically brings many new products to the Indian market, based on customized & non-customized development. And it is only possible because of continuous Research & Development and as a result, the company’s Formulation & Development commitment is between 7-8% of revenue.

Integrated Product Development Organization:

We have a team of scientists and technical people who are purely dedicated Research & Development only. All of uur scientists have nice background as diverse as Food Science, Alternative medicine, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology. This diverse background of the R&D team helps us understand, discover and develop breakthrough products.
As part of our business model, we have a setup in-house Research & Development Department, which creates synergies, shortens timelines, and enhances the capability to offer distinctive products for our customers, who are our business stackholders. Our research team works on the concept of integrated product development, which caters to all the product requirements of Nutraceutical, Food Supplement & Ayurvedic Products.
Our product development capabilities span the area of General Nutritional Supplements, Functional foods, Pharmaconutrition , Sports Nutrition, Herbal Supplements &Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.
Our research team's capabilities are focused on the basis of customer’s development needs. We believe one of the principal factors contributing to our success is our strong R&D capabilities. Our core competencies lie in the development and validated scale up processes, further supported by analytical methods development, analytical method validations and stability.

R&D Facility

The R&D Team at Antila Wellness includes experienced scientists, technicians, and chemists with pre-formulation insight and proficient knowledge in pharmaceutical ingredients and Nutraceutical Ingredients. The team is well equipped to create the best combination of materials and manufacturing methods.
Our R&D facility is geared towards the development of technologically challenging products. Over the years, the R&D innovation team has created several distinctive technology-based products. We strive to develop cost-effective, high-quality formulations to make lives better.
We have clinically tested Nutraceutical ingredients that are designed to excel in dietary supplements. By merging advance nutritional technology with exceptional marketing and sales skills, we offer a high-class portfolio of all natural and effective ingredients that support health and wellness in a wide range of condition-specific claim areas.
Some of the equipment that is present in our F&D lab is:
  • Planetary Mixer
  • Horizontal Blender
  • Pilot Spray Dryer
  • Capsule Filling Machine
  • Multimill
  • Tray Dryer
  • Compression Machine
  • Coating Machine