Antila Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

Quality should be the top priority for any company in the healthcare industry. At AWPL, we are very serious about the quality of the products we offer our customers. To offer quality products, it is important that this quality is reflected in every aspect of our manufacturing personnel and processes. Our Quality Assurance department ensures this.
Air & Water
The quality of air and water, both internal and external to the production areas, are regularly monitored and controlled. The temperature, pressure, humidity and particle content are controlled by HVAC in all the sections of the production area. The water used in the production and QC areas is demineralized in the DM plant located within the premises. The Effluent Treatment Plant within the factory premises for the safe disposal of sewage and effluents, conform to the requirements of the Pollution Control Board.
Floors, Walls, Windows
The entire production and product development area has epoxy coated flooring, which is microbe resistant. All wall to floor and wall to ceiling are coved to avoid dirt and particle build-up.
Entries & Exits
Only authorized personnel are allowed entry into the factory premises, and production areas. Before entering into the production area, employees are required to go through cleansing procedures and personal hygiene check-up. Separate entries and exits are provided for personnel and material.
Safety & Personal Hygiene
The QA department ensures the adherence to all safety and hygiene norms. Internal safety audits are conducted annually. In addition, regular fire drills and civic audits are done. Weekly fumigation is conducted in all sections of the factory. All manufacturing personnel are subject to daily hygiene checks, as well as annual medical examinations. All employees in the factory are required to wear uniforms that are colour-coded to distinguish staff, production, stores, QC, maintenance and house-keeping personnel.
One of the primary roles of the QA department is the maintenance and control of documentation. Documents related to all aspects of cGMP and schedule-M are maintained. Master formulae, standard operating procedures, analytical reports, and stability data are maintained and displayed in appropriate places as per norms. Each batch history is traceable, and the creation of the manufacturing records and analytical reports for each batch is automated. The Factory Software facilitates the use of a single database for all documentation, and is updated by user-interfaces designed for stores, production, QC, QA, product development and maintenance.